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Can I place my order in an email or on Facebook?

The answer to this is no.  We can discuss your order via email or Facebook, but unless the order is called in or placed in person, it is not an order.  

Can I create my own flavor?

Of course you can.  Please keep in mind that additional charges may be involved.

Do you offer complimentary consultations?

We do not charge to do a consultation appointment.

If you are asking to taste some of our cake options, we do charge $10.00 for any cake order serving under 50 servings.  

Can I make appointments to meet with you on the weekend?

Being that the weekends are the busiest time of my week for deliveries, it may not be possible to schedule a weekend appointment.  It's best to make arrangements to meet during the week if possible.  We understand that many people live out of town and can only meet on the weekend so I do my best to accommodate. 

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When should I place my order?

Baked Euphoria Cakes is a custom cake shop and we bake each cake at the time of completion.  In order to complete each order with the utmost love, we have to limit the number of orders.  We suggest that you plan ahead and get your order in as soon as possible.  One week for standard cakes and 2 week's ahead for tiered or custom cakes minimum.

Do you freeze your cakes?

Each cake is baked at the time of completion.  We do not pull our cakes from a freezer.   This is what allows you to create your own flavors as each cake is made especially for you.

Will my cake have a box?

Please be aware that not all cakes will fit into a box.  This could be due to the size of the base or the height of the cake.  Please prepare the vehicle that it will be placed in.  We suggest that you never put a cake on the seat, but rather the trunk or floor.  

What happens if I cancel my order?

Please keep in mind that we can only take a certain number of cakes each week.  If you cancel your order, there is no guarantee that we can fill that spot.  Deposits are non-refundable for this reason.

Can I pay when I pick it up?

A deposit is required on most custom cakes.  This lets us know that you are definitely placing the order.  (no confusion this way)   If the cake is being delivered, it must be paid for in advance.  If you are picking the cake up, then yes, you can pay the balance at the agreed upon pick-up time.

Can I change my order after it's placed?

In some cases, yes, you can make changes to your order.  Please keep in mind that we take our allotment of orders each week based on the information provided at the time of the order.  If you make changes such as number of servings, colors, designs, etc., it could cause an issue in our time allocations.  Please don't be upset if we have to say no.